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The Day I Snuck Into Germany

Kind of..


It's been a very busy past few days. Since we still haven't started class yet, we had the chance to go on some amazing tours and see some phenomenal places.

On Friday the 7th, we traveled to a small town about 40 minutes outside of Salzburg and went down into a salt mine. We got to put on these snazzy outfits: (My great friend and roommate, Erin Petersen, is the model)


Now, I know that a salt mine may or may not sound lame and boring. But it was actually fascinating to learn about how Salzburg (Salz = Salt) became such a rich and beautiful city. As we took a little train-type of thing through the mine and walked through the tunnels, we actually crossed into Germany from Austria. Now I've been to Germany.

I also couldn't understand how people could spend so many hours so far under the ground without daylight. It was so bright when we finally came back out!

Then, we made our way to Werfen, also a small-ish town near Salzburg. We went to a fortress there and explored. It was crazy to walk around a real castle where so much has happened in the past. Standing in a chamber where thousands of people were tortured, looking out a window that many men have shot arrows out of. So surreal. So much history.


Saturday the 8th..

I went to the Austrian emporor's place, Kaiservilla, which was in a town called Badischl.


It really reminded me of my house. (I wish)
The place was so extravagant, which is ironic because he and the Empress didn't lead extravagant lives like most would think they did. I stood in the room where World War I was started. Again, so surreal.
I also learned a lot about the Empress, "Cici," who was actually a very strong woman and quite the feminist. Very interesting.

Then we went to a small town, Hallstat. There we visited a small graveyard that had a bone house. I've never seen something like this before, and needless to say..I spent very little time in there.


We pulled over on the way home and took a swim in this lake right up against the Alps. The water was so clear and I loved every minute of it.


Definitely a day I'll remember.

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From Kennewick to Portland to D.C. to Vienna...



The past few days have been long. And, quite interesting.

Although I love my family and friends so very much, I was glad to have gotten through those goodbyes because a lot of them were pretty hard. But in a way, it makes me happy when I have difficult goodbyes to say, because that means there's people in my life that I love very much.

After sitting next to a man who talked in his sleep for nine hours, having to sprint to our connection flight in Vienna, and then arriving in Salzburg to find out that no luggage made it there with me...I'm finally here and life is good nonetheless.

The center where I'm living is wonderful and all of the staff are such quality people. I look forward to getting to know them. The group of students here is very diverse and I enjoy everyone. We've only been together for two nights, and we already have some crazy stories. It makes me so excited for the upcoming year. We've made some local friends as well, and they are the sweetest.

I apologize for such an uneventful post, but I promise there's some really cool stuff to come!

I'm so excited to be immersed in the region that has been setting trends and forming fashions for the rest of the world to follow. And if you know me, then you know that this is my kind of place.

Here's some photos of Salzburg! I won't show you my room until it's fully unpacked..

This is a picture of the historic Old Town, taken from a pedestrian bridge over the river.
Horse-drawn carriages are very popular!
And an absolutely stunning Catholic Church.

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The Luggage is Out and Open

...days before the actual packing needs to be done

For many years now, I've been waiting for an opportunity like this. I'm ready to fly to the other side of the world, and let my eyes expand their vocabulary. As I am doing so, I'll be blogging on here. Since I'm not very gifted in the art of keeping in touch, this is a means for all my family and friends to find out where I am/what I'm doing.
I hear traveling teaches you a lot about life. I mean, Steve Jobs spent seven months in India and then invented Apple. I can't wait to see what experiences are in store for me..

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